A Nice Little Blog SEO Tech 

A Nice Little Blog SEO!

Everything you always wanted to know about SEO: This blog is a tool for monitoring the SEO, positioning, and visibility of websites . Here you can read the latest information on Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and news about search engine marketing in France and the USA. Furthermore, a selection of the best current tools, as well as a reminder of the basic principles on optimization for beginners and insiders, will help you to reference and improve the positioning of your website. An SEO blog that will make you reach heights Why a SEO blog ? Initially it is a project to centralize the most…

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Social Networks Digital Marketing 

How To Take Advantage Of Social Networks To Monetize Its Projects?

In the absence of material or financial means, but also because of the lack of support, many projects, even very original, never see the light of day. These unsuccessful projects concern all fields of activity and on the Web, as elsewhere, many candidates for the creation (of companies or projects) seek an effective method to overcome all the obstacles in order to realize their dream . The rapid and steady growth of social networks has resulted in the resurgence of an effective tool: Crowd Funding or Crowdfunding. Based on the revenues that…

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