Master Marketing On WeChat Mobile Cloud 

5 Brands That Master Marketing On WeChat

Digital is a must for any company wishing to develop its reputation and brand image in China. The digital integration of the Chinese has thus allowed the emergence of new forms of promotion for brands in the Middle Empire, as via digital platforms. WeChat , for example, China’s largest social network accounts for more than 900 million users. An opportunity for brands to make themselves visible through this platform. In this article, we will introduce you to brands that have successfully implemented their digital communication strategy on the platform … WECHAT HAS CREATED ITS OWN…

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Why SEO N00B Does Tech 

Why SEO N00B Does Not Go On Vacation

Jean-Kevin worked very hard for that. Jean-Kevin has sacrificed everything for this moment. And he’s ready. Surfboard, sunscreen, reservations at Paris-Plage, everything is perfect: his vacation of dreams will be exceptional, and he deserves it. After all, Jean-Kevin is a SEO guy, a roxxor of the title tag, a killer of the semantic cocoon. He has trusted all possible positions of his clients and they have, without exception, + 345% of traffic and all earn millions. In short, Jean-Kevin is the undisputed king of SERPS … And yet, while he is about to slip…

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