3 Webmarketing Tips By Email To Increase Your CTR

Half of the emails are viewed on a mobile device. You understood well ! More than 50% of all emails are now viewed via a mobile device , either a smartphone or a tablet. So, before sending an email to hundreds of thousands of members of your list (I believe in the power of visualization), you should perhaps evaluate the layout of this email on your iPhone and iPad …

According to a US study by ReturnPath, the vast majority of Americans, or 63%, will close or delete an email simply because it has not been optimized for reading on a mobile device. This statistic is quite revealing, but there is another statistic that comes from the same study that leads me to think even more about optimization for smartphones .

According to ReturnPath, only 2.4% of users responded that they would revisit the same message on their computer if the layout was poor when first viewed on a smart phone or tablet. This implies that just like the drag, you do not have a second chance to make a good impression with your emails!

I would even say that you have less than a chance to make a good impression on a massive mailing to your list. Like the dredge, the member of your list is not obliged to hear you (open the e-mail), while the poor girl you drag must listen to the first words of your opening … before his grand- friend returns.


You must now ask yourself if you have the means as an internet marketer to lose a single sales opportunity. The answer is probably no (if you are sane), then you can still afford to lose a third of your opportunities by sending emails that are not optimized for mobile.

If your layout is not optimized, you will be guaranteed a very low click-through rate (CTR) of your emails, and this would be a real disaster for your web company.


Because you managed to write a pretty good and catchy title so that your prospect opens your email, which means that you won half the battle! It takes 5 or 6 seconds to get a general impression of your email . If he thinks the layout is not acceptable, he will close the email and will not return …

If this happens, you will lose both an opportunity to sell, a good title (subject of the email) and maybe even a prospect. That is what I call a fine waste.


If you want to do effective webmarketing, you will have to follow the following 3 mobile optimization commands:


Optimization for smartphones and tablets is not easy, especially if your emails contain a ton of images, titles and subtitles. Keep your emails simple and easily “optimizable”. For example, use web fonts of up to 12pt.

If you want to make sure that your emails are read, you should not send them in HTML format , but rather in plain text format . If you insert an image, make sure the layout is good even if the image is blocked.


If you have to choose, you absolutely must optimize for iOS before Android. iOS accounts for about 70% of the market for smart phones and tablets.


Too much scrolling is the main cause of email closure . People who use mobile to open their e-mails are not in the same frame of mind as people who check their e-mails on their computer. They do not want to spend a lot of time reading an email that never ends … You must also concentrate the most important information at the beginning of the mail if it is long.

If you follow these 3 commands, the CTR of your next email will be higher (and your sales too).

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