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5 Ways To Use SMS To Increase The Acquisition Of Mobile Users

With the explosion in recent years of the use of smartphones, all brands are faced with the same problem: how to develop their mobile customer base? They are constantly looking for innovative ways to be more attractive, both nationally and internationally …

In order to increase the number of users and their degree of involvement, the reliability of their means of communication with their customers is paramount. The most recognized brands such as Airbnb, Uber and Alibaba have opted for SMS because of its universality, its proximity to the mobile user and its efficiency (98% of SMS are also open within five minutes following receipt). And most importantly, SMS contributes to the development of the user base worldwide from the first day of use.


Taking into account the fact that one third of mobile users turn to push notifications, SMS is proving to be an effective alternative in terms of notification. Applications such as Uber and Airbnb rely on sending important contextual information to their users at an extremely precise moment. They opted for SMS, which allows them to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Keeping users informed has become as important as the user experience and lifespan.


Two-way voice or SMS communication has revolutionized the way brands address their users. Virtual numbers can be assigned to both the user and agents, for example by allowing both parties to communicate via an intuitive interface that also protects identities and avoids more expensive international calls.


One of the most effective ways to increase downloads is to allow existing users to send an SMS with an application download link to their contacts. Invitations sent are an extremely economical way to acquire new clients. For some companies, sending this type of invitation via SMS costs only 10% of the price charged by traditional advertising channels. It is also possible to anticipate costs by tracking URL conversion.


To manage the download of applications from a website, it is enough to create a call to action containing the formulations “send me an SMS”, “download the link”, or ” download application “. Visitors enter their phone number and then receive an SMS with a link to download the application. This SMS-based approach can dramatically improve conversion rates as users receive a link directly to your app on their device. This also reduces problems when downloading the application, and removes any ambiguity regarding the application to download.


More than 7 billion people have a phone number. So it’s hardly surprising that many companies support verifying users via their mobile phone number. This user authentication method makes it easy to verify user profiles around the world in seconds, to dismiss malicious users, and to focus on improving the user experience of legitimate members of the community.

The more users are involved, the more likely they are to remain faithful to the services offered. And, in the ultra-connected world of today, the SMS meets the constant communication needs of the users involved.

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