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Everything you always wanted to know about SEO:

This blog is a tool for monitoring the SEO, positioning, and visibility of websites . Here you can read the latest information on Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and news about search engine marketing in France and the USA. Furthermore, a selection of the best current tools, as well as a reminder of the basic principles on optimization for beginners and insiders, will help you to reference and improve the positioning of your website.

An SEO blog that will make you reach heights

Why a SEO blog ?

Initially it is a project to centralize the most useful information to SEO websites. Given the interest generated by sharing lists of good addresses and useful tools for SEO, and the desire for many beginners to have access to a clear but concise information on the basics of SEO , we decided to open this blog. In addition to the techniques and actors evolving, a regular updating of its own bookmarks and flow readings is necessary for anyone interested in an SEO project.

How does the Paradi’SEO blog work?

First of all articles and tutorials on the basics of referencing by major headings. Then for insiders a list of the best free SEO tools , as well as good addresses and current SEO newsfor an effective SEO Watch ; and thus to be able to easily keep abreast of the evolution of the functioning of the search engines and of the techniques of referencing; without having to resort to an SEO agency .

Who can benefit from reading this Blog?

test quiz referencementYou start in SEO or your knowledge in SEO are already serious?
Take the test with this Quiz on SEO !

Whatever your situation a section of Paradi’SEO is made for you:

  • To begin, read: The basics of referencing
  • To improve the positioning of its site see: SEO tools
  • To perfect his knowledge and keep abreast of technological developments: SEO

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