How Marketers can get ready for an Uncertain Future Digital Marketing 

How Marketers can get ready for an Uncertain Future

The future for marketers is quite hazy; it is further confounded by the uncertainties in the nation’s capital. However, the future is not going to wait for anyone. Thus, you need to be prepared for it. However, many encouraging things are happening, especially for small business owners. For instance, tech giant Facebook is deploying tools that will help small businesses get more value for their advertising dollars. It is hard to compress all the options that future marketers can use to navigate into an uncertain future into one article, but…

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How To Save On Digital Marketing Digital Marketing 

How To Save On Digital Marketing

The internet age has completely changed the way we advertise, and the way that people find our businesses. Digital marketing is a great tool for getting a head start in your business, and reaching out to more people while also saving money. This is because when you market digitally, you’ll be much more able to control your audiences, as well as information that you put out there. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on digital marketing, keep reading.             The first thing you should do when it comes to…

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Digital Marketing Digital Marketing 

This Is The Time To Boost Your Knowledge In Digital Marketing

Summer is here! This period being generally calmer, it is ideal to form. Udemy currently pays a large number of his training courses at an unbeatable price of 10 €. Dozens of online courses in the field of digital marketing are available: Social Media, Growth Hacking, WordPress, Dropshipping … PROMOTION ON ONLINE TRAINING RELATED TO DIGITAL MARKETING Until 1 July , Udemy offers a wide selection of training courses on digital marketing at an unbeatable price of € 10 (the normal price depends on the training but it ranges from € 100 to €…

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Mobile Users Mobile Cloud 

5 Ways To Use SMS To Increase The Acquisition Of Mobile Users

With the explosion in recent years of the use of smartphones, all brands are faced with the same problem: how to develop their mobile customer base? They are constantly looking for innovative ways to be more attractive, both nationally and internationally … In order to increase the number of users and their degree of involvement, the reliability of their means of communication with their customers is paramount. The most recognized brands such as Airbnb, Uber and Alibaba have opted for SMS because of its universality, its proximity to the mobile user and…

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Mobile Marketing Digital Marketing 

How To Prevent Fraud in Mobile Marketing? 4 Expert Tips

The figures of mobile fraud are staggering! Here are some selected songs: 75% “unexplained” clicks for Apsalar  ; 40% fraudulent clicks according to Trademob  ; 1 Billion dollars of marketing budget wasted in 2015 with the bots, which generate false facilities of apps according to Forensiq … “We have been experiencing fraud for years, but we are experiencing a steep rise in fraudulent practices and traffic since April 2016,” says Hélène Queriault, Addict Mobile VP Operations. ”  All the advertising agencies we work with are unanimous: the fraud explodes in 2016 . Fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated technological means, and it is becoming more and more technical…

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Every day, digital agencies and Startups sell as much the stakes of the digital Digital Marketing 

Words Of Experts: Retail 2016: How To Make The Right Choices For A Successful Digital Revolution?

Every day, digital agencies and Startups sell as much the stakes of the digital mutation to their customers as their services and solutions! It is also the case of internal digital marketing teams who must first “evangelize” their board, their business teams … before any deployment … This often reminds me of the allegory of the cave: you know the one that explains the foundation of philosophy … “These men who all live in the dark in the depths of a cave and have never seen the light. And there is one…

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Christmas At The Digital Hour Mobile Cloud 

Christmas At The Digital Hour

That’s it, Christmas decorations are in place, the Christmas gift race has begun! And every year it’s the same fight: find time, money and ideas! Each year, we change our strategy by trying hard to finish this drudgery on time and for a budget that we would always like less. Rather than confronting the crowd, many are choosing digital. Who are they ? How much do they spend? On what devices do they navigate? So many questions that we will try to answer … TURNOVER BOOSTED BY THE MOBILE In 2015, during the Christmas period (November /…

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Mobile Advertising: A Look Back At The Highlights Of 2016 Mobile Cloud 

Mobile Advertising: A Look Back At The Highlights Of 2016

Behind a market that is crystallizing more and more between two great players, Google on one side and Apple on the other, the use of phones has surpassed that of computers to access the web. The mobile is increasingly part of our daily habits: it is no longer a channel of communication, it is a way of life. It transforms uses and influences powerful purchasing behaviors … But the big brands understood that this way of life required adjustments and investments. 2016 will have been a pivotal year for mobile advertising, and it…

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The year of the mobile has been prophesied every year for nearly 10 years. Yet it has already passed! 2014 Mobile Cloud 

Key Figures On Mobile Use In The World

The year of the mobile has been prophesied every year for nearly 10 years. Yet it has already passed! 2014: it was in that year that the use of mobile phones surpassed the traditional use of computers. In other words, a small revolution at the time for what seems to us to be a normal situation today … Between the development of 4G in most countries of the world, that of smartphones and tablets more powerful, more powerful or more accessible, and catching up to speed V of the developing countries in terms…

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Webmarketing Web Dev 

3 Webmarketing Tips By Email To Increase Your CTR

Half of the emails are viewed on a mobile device. You understood well ! More than 50% of all emails are now viewed via a mobile device , either a smartphone or a tablet. So, before sending an email to hundreds of thousands of members of your list (I believe in the power of visualization), you should perhaps evaluate the layout of this email on your iPhone and iPad … According to a US study by ReturnPath, the vast majority of Americans, or 63%, will close or delete an email simply because it has not been…

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