Burning Bright: Xenon BrennerTech 

Burning Bright: Xenon Brenner

Ever since Edison succeeded in inventing the light bulb after a thousand failures, it has been on a way upwards. There have been regular innovations in the sector separated by decades. Every time we think that we have reached the pinnacle, something better turn up just around the corner. One of the most integral fields of application of a light bulb is in the automotive sector. Trying to figure out what would be the best way to maximize its benefits while minimizing the cost has led the industry from one flagship to another. The latest in this field is the Xenon brenner head lamps.

Now before diving into the details, let us first travel back a few decades. This was the time when the height of technology was the use of filament bulbs in auto industry. Though various breakthroughs were made but the cost of operation and the life of headlamps were high and low respectively. Getting them changed on a short period meant an additional task to be adhered to. The filament bulbs were enough to serve the purpose and were made to burn brighter by introducing certain gases in their chambers but as brands began building signature vehicles, they wanted something to set them apart. And thus was born the Xenon brenner lights. First used for the BMW 7 series, it soon spread over to other companies as well.

The high beam way:

After a few years, they became common across standards. The science behind this new headlamp was quite simple, instead of burning a filament; it now burned the gas Xenon to produce high intensity light. This was initially meant to be used only for dipper purposes. But as bi-xenon lights came into being, it came to be used in integrated cornering lights and main beams as well.

Advantages it brings along:

There were many upside to using Xenon lights in your car. Not only had it meant a longer life but also better lit roads. The energy consumption came way down and the battery life improved as well. Over all, vehicles became more durable and easier to maintain. The manufacturers were able to stave off an oncoming crash and innovation had saved the day again. In comparison to filament bulbs, they were longer lasting and no breakdown occurred due to overheating. Over the years, xenon headlamps have come to become the norm in premiere level car segments.

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