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5 Ways To Use SMS To Increase The Acquisition Of Mobile Users

With the explosion in recent years of the use of smartphones, all brands are faced with the same problem: how to develop their mobile customer base? They are constantly looking for innovative ways to be more attractive, both nationally and internationally … In order to increase the number of users and their degree of involvement, the reliability of their means of communication with their customers is paramount. The most recognized brands such as Airbnb, Uber and Alibaba have opted for SMS because of its universality, its proximity to the mobile user and…

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Christmas At The Digital Hour Mobile Cloud 

Christmas At The Digital Hour

That’s it, Christmas decorations are in place, the Christmas gift race has begun! And every year it’s the same fight: find time, money and ideas! Each year, we change our strategy by trying hard to finish this drudgery on time and for a budget that we would always like less. Rather than confronting the crowd, many are choosing digital. Who are they ? How much do they spend? On what devices do they navigate? So many questions that we will try to answer … TURNOVER BOOSTED BY THE MOBILE In 2015, during the Christmas period (November /…

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Mobile Advertising: A Look Back At The Highlights Of 2016 Mobile Cloud 

Mobile Advertising: A Look Back At The Highlights Of 2016

Behind a market that is crystallizing more and more between two great players, Google on one side and Apple on the other, the use of phones has surpassed that of computers to access the web. The mobile is increasingly part of our daily habits: it is no longer a channel of communication, it is a way of life. It transforms uses and influences powerful purchasing behaviors … But the big brands understood that this way of life required adjustments and investments. 2016 will have been a pivotal year for mobile advertising, and it…

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The year of the mobile has been prophesied every year for nearly 10 years. Yet it has already passed! 2014 Mobile Cloud 

Key Figures On Mobile Use In The World

The year of the mobile has been prophesied every year for nearly 10 years. Yet it has already passed! 2014: it was in that year that the use of mobile phones surpassed the traditional use of computers. In other words, a small revolution at the time for what seems to us to be a normal situation today … Between the development of 4G in most countries of the world, that of smartphones and tablets more powerful, more powerful or more accessible, and catching up to speed V of the developing countries in terms…

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Mobile Marketing: Stop Following Bad KPIs Mobile Cloud 

Mobile Marketing: Stop Following Bad KPIs

You can tell anything and everything about statistics. Behind this counter quote, however, is a reality in the everyday mobile marketing professionals. Indeed, if statistics are interpreted, key performance indicators may be affected by the same symptom if not taken into consideration. Each KPI must be carefully chosen and studied, as it is adapted to a particular problem. These are valuable indicators, decision aids and data that directly impact your strategy. Tracking bad KPIs can therefore have serious consequences. What if we were to go back together to stop following the bad KPIs? THE MOST COMMON…

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Appearance being an important element in China, beauty and photo editing applications Mobile Cloud 

Mobile Applications To Reach The Chinese Consumer

 Appearance being an important element in China, beauty and photo editing applications are all the rage in the country. Moreover, Chinese women are major consumers of mobile applications, especially in this sector. They are also part of those who straddle social media from selfies every day … These applications are an opportunity for brands of beauty, fashion … to promote their products through the various tools present on the market. DIGITAL: A LOGICAL EVOLUTION OF THE MORES OF CHINESE SOCIETY It’s confusing to see how much the internet and technology devices are…

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Master Marketing On WeChat Mobile Cloud 

5 Brands That Master Marketing On WeChat

Digital is a must for any company wishing to develop its reputation and brand image in China. The digital integration of the Chinese has thus allowed the emergence of new forms of promotion for brands in the Middle Empire, as via digital platforms. WeChat , for example, China’s largest social network accounts for more than 900 million users. An opportunity for brands to make themselves visible through this platform. In this article, we will introduce you to brands that have successfully implemented their digital communication strategy on the platform … WECHAT HAS CREATED ITS OWN…

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Mobile Site Referencing On Google Mobile Cloud 

Mobile Site Referencing On Google

Google has just released an update to its startup guide on optimization for search engines of websites. A comprehensive guide for beginners, as well as a much-awaited new section on SEO of mobile websites . This new version of the guide that can be downloaded here: ” SEO starter guide “, includes indeed a new section on the SEO (*) sites for mobile. Given the rapidly growing number of internet consultations from i-phones or other mobile phone devices, an official version of SEO tips from Google is indeed welcome. If these four pages (pages 24 to…

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