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Christmas At The Digital Hour

That’s it, Christmas decorations are in place, the Christmas gift race has begun! And every year it’s the same fight: find time, money and ideas! Each year, we change our strategy by trying hard to finish this drudgery on time and for a budget that we would always like less. Rather than confronting the crowd, many are choosing digital. Who are they ? How much do they spend? On what devices do they navigate? So many questions that we will try to answer …


In 2015, during the Christmas period (November / December), e-merchants almost doubled their turnover (+ 43%) compared to the rest of the year. A slight increase compared to 2014 (+ 2%). If the desktop remains the preferred device during Christmas shopping, the mobile is experiencing real growth, going from 22.9% in 2014 to 31.1% in 2015! And e-shoppers do not just visit the sites on mobile, but also go to the act of purchase. + 33.4% conversion compared to 2014! By 2016, the mobile should account for 39.2% of online sales.

However, although mobile is the winner, it is better to adopt a cross-device strategy, since 40% of online purchases involve several devices (tablet, desk


As for the Christmas budget of the French, the trend is on the rise: + 1.5% forecast in 2016. The French should spend up to € 10.9 billion online for this Christmas. Online purchases will account for 16% of global purchases. A rise carried by the Internet and especially the mobile again! Indeed, the French should spend € 4.3 billion on mobile devices: smartphones & tablets (+ 54% compared to 2015).

Budget says Christmas is not just about gifts, even though these are the biggest share of spending. 315 € will be spent on gifts on 559 € of total budget per French household. What do the French buy with this budget? Clothing, electronic products (tablet, PC, video games, household appliances …) and toys. In addition to gifts, food (€ 177) and family reunions (€ 50) are also part of the expenses.


To take advantage of promotions. Many people take advantage of the “black friday” and “cyber monday” to start their Christmas shopping. A good way to anticipate and especially to save money. In 2016, 32% of Internet users intend to take advantage of the last weekend of November. An American tradition that is beginning to grow on the old continent and especially in France where spending is expected to amount to 296 million euros this year.

Apart from promotions, the Internet saves time. A reason that concerned 61% of the e-shopper in 2015 and especially the 25-34 years as well as the Francilians.


On the Internet, consumers do not necessarily want to buy. At first, they use the web to take inspiration and look for gift ideas (58%). And inspiration abegins in November (33%). Inspired by social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest. One third of Internet users use social networks to search for information about a brand or a product. Social networks that are consulted for 80% on mobile.

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