Coupon Code SMX Paris 2017Tech 

Coupon Code SMX Paris 2017

The SMX Paris , the “made in France” version of the famous series of conferences on Search: ” Search Marketing Expo “, will return to Paris on 7 and 8 June.

If you have not yet registered you can use the discount code: PARADISEO012 (read PARADISEO zero twelve) which will give you a 15% discount on registration fees at these conferences.
You will then know all the secrets of referencing on Google … almost:)

The detailed program of SMX Paris 2012 is visible here: program
See also the practical details: place and registration page . (Affiliate Links)


And the icing on the cake: if you are sufficiently numerous to use the code “PARADISEO012” when you register, you have a one in three chance to have you refund the whole of your registration fee!
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