Difference between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting and Web hosting can look alike because those two types of services have quite similar types of setups and deliver lots of same results. Though, there are some significant differences between Cloud hosting and Web hosting services which have its technical definition each.

Let’s look at what are Web Hosting and its types:

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is just a method of allowing maintenance for files and remote location and a server space managed to support the Web projects. Conventional types of Web hosting involve services where individual users can store and build small websites with the Web host provider and the enterprise Web hosting where companies register into contracts with the third-parties such as Internet Service Providers for hosting their websites.

There are different types of Web Hosting such as a Shared, Dedicated and Reseller Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting:

Your applications and content are uploaded to the server that is shared with other clients who uses the web host. A web host owns the server and the equipment and also they have technicians to manage and monitor the servers.

  • Dedicated hosting

The most popular type of hosting,a dedicated hosting is the specialised hosting and much more sophisticated. In dedicated hosting, you are allowed to rent a whole server for yourself and can gain access to all web hosting provider’s resources to host numbers of websites. This type of hosting gives more elasticity to customers as compared to shared hosting. Customers have control over hosting environment and have the choice of operating system. In dedicated, aWeb hosting provideris responsible for network and hardware administration.

  • Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the Best Reseller Web Hosting type for the businesses and entrepreneurs where they can host on behalf of their customers. You can deal with your hosting provider and sell services following your own brand.

Now let’s check what arethe Cloud Hosting and its types:

Cloud Hosting:

The description of cloud services includes the connection between clients to vendors via IP or wireless connected networks. In a cloud hosting, the client sends a data to the vendor within a complex network trajectory named as “the cloud.” A data is then collected and maintained on remote servers owned and managed by vendors.Cloud computing technology also supports the remote Web hosting.

As the web hosting, there are also different types of the cloud computing and are the most common:

  • (SaaS)Software as a Service:Most popular and broadly used type of a cloud computing. It implements all functions of the complicated traditional application. These functions are provided within the web browser instead of using locally installed application.
  • (PaaS)Platform as a Service: A type of a cloud computing that provides a virtualized servers in where users are able to run existing applications or can develop new one without bothering about maintenance of a server hardware, computing capacity, load balancing or the operating system.
  • (IaaS)Infrastructure as a Service: This type of a cloud computing gives a virtualized servers, storage, networks and system software specifically designed for adding or replacing the functions of a complete data center.

In general, a cloud hosting services that involve a Web hosting can be an alternative option to the other traditional Web host that is not based on cloud technology principles. One of the highest differences could be described a “single client” vs “multi-tenant” approach. Cloud services that include a Web hosting are normally multi-tenant. That indicates all files and data resources of the multiple clients are hosted on the same server. This gives on-demand and flexibility services for an individual client so that providers are able to scale-up or down delivery easily.By contrast, with a dedicated Web hosting will include Web hosting service serving just one client on any provided server. This gives more security and more focused approach in serving an individual customer.

So, which one is suitable for your business?  Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting?  It depends on your priority.For instance, if your preference is to minimize your operational expenses, then cloud computing is best suited for you. However, if need more security for all your sensitive data, then the web hosting is a better option for you.

Whatever decision you make, be sure you have all necessary requirement that satisfies once you select one over the other.

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