Gadgets For Growing CannabisGadgets 

Gadgets For Growing Cannabis

The world of cannabis cultivation is no longer the same as it was a few decades ago. With ever more progressive laws on cannabis in many countries, the fact that people can cultivate the right weed themselves slowly into the consciousness of the general public. Farmers can now find a large selection of objects to facilitate the cultivation of high-end heads without worries! Here is a list of super cool gadgets and especially useful to help you grow cannabis!


You want to go on weekends but your plants should be watered during your absence? More worries! The watering globes “water stones for plants” are nice because they will do their job without the need for complicated technology. These beautiful globes just release the right amount of water for up to four days. Place one in each pot to plant and your beauties will have what they need. You can relax, knowing they will be fine when you come back!


You can find a “standard” pH meter for a few euros online, on eBay or other sites. The problem with these cheap pH meters is that they do not last long, when they walk to start! One of the best investments you can make as a farmer is to provide you with a quality pH meter like those of Bluelab. This particular model has the additional (and major) benefit of also measuring the TDS, which means it tells you the correct amount of nutrients! Bluelab meters are known for their high quality, good customer service and good warranty.


A jeweler’s magnifying glass or one of these small microscopes on eBay can be useful, but nothing beats this macro lens for your smartphone ! Being able to take an enlarged photo of your seedlings can be very useful in many ways. The macro objective is ideal if you want to make a “professional” inspection of your trichomes to determine if your precious plants are ready for harvest. It is also super useful if you come across an unknown insect or other pest and you need the help of other growers to identify it. Simply take a picture with your smartphone and share it on your favorite culture forum!


This is one of those high-tech culture gadgets that is really useful. The Koubachi Wi-Fi plant analyzer looks like a cross between an alien egg and a golf club. Put it in the soil of your plants and it measures moisture, temperature and even light intensity. It will send this data to your phone and can send you an email so you always know what’s going on for your daughters! It tells you when to water, adjust lamps or when it is too hot or too cold. The device has a phone app but you can also view the status of your seedlings from an internet app. It’s not advanced enough to grow your plants for you, but for what it does, it’s pretty good and it does not cost too much!


These LED Indoor Lamp Sunglasses have a nice appearance and meet several objectives, which makes them quite useful. They protect your eyes from the potentially harmful UV rays that some LED culture lamps can emit. If you grow with one of these violet LEDs, these sunglasses can help you see your plants in their true color, which can be incredibly useful. Finally, and not the least, it can make you also really cool. Unlike other brands of space goggles, which can be incredibly expensive, these glasses are very affordable!


” The Leaf” is a grow box or grow-box that “automatically grows your plants and is controlled on your smartphone.” The Leaf is a complete cropping system that looks like a mini fridge and contains everything you need to grow good heads like LED lights, O2 intake, air control, watering system hydro automated, HD camera and even automated dosing of nutrients, and even more functions! This grow-box is made for growers of all levels of experience. The new growers do not have to worry about anything, because The Leaf will take care of everything, and experienced growers will love to be able to control the system from their smartphone!

The company said it intends to commercialize the Leaf “this fall” and for now the price is not yet known, but it is a device that deserves to be watched!


The Water Saving Gadget In Greenhouse Loop is an incredibly ingenious gadget for those who grow their girls in greenhouses. The problem with greenhouses is that they can be very wet because of the water evaporated and transpired by the plants. The Loop saves water because the unit condenses moisture from the air and returns it to the ground for use by the plants. So you have several benefits with the Loop, like a better climate for your plants, not too wet, less risk of growth of mold and fungi and less need to water!

Did you like our list of gadgets for growing cannabis? You may know other good gadgets that can help grow? Do not hesitate to share your tips with our readers

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