How Marketers can get ready for an Uncertain FutureDigital Marketing 

How Marketers can get ready for an Uncertain Future

The future for marketers is quite hazy; it is further confounded by the uncertainties in the nation’s capital. However, the future is not going to wait for anyone. Thus, you need to be prepared for it. However, many encouraging things are happening, especially for small business owners. For instance, tech giant Facebook is deploying tools that will help small businesses get more value for their advertising dollars.

It is hard to compress all the options that future marketers can use to navigate into an uncertain future into one article, but here are a few of them:

Mass Customization is the Future

Everyone today is about self; consumers want it their way all the time. In the past, it used to seem like an impossible task for most businesses. However, technology has since evolved. Besides that, it has become quite accessible to those who need it, no matter the size.

Numerous data-driven solutions now exist, which allow you to customize products to meet the needs of individuals. You can now deliver content to at the right person, tailored to suit the need of millions of individual customers.

In short, there is plenty of data available and not enough time. The marketers that succeed are those who will master, organize, and deal intelligently with the numerous choices and resources available. It is going to be a bumpy ride for most, but the results will be worth the effort.

The Time to Embrace AI and Chatbots is now

Ai is going to revolutionize marketing. Unlike all technologies before it, AI can do real-time data analysis and repetitive data analysis, which make scaling on an individual level possible. Today, chatbots can deal with tedious tasks such as routing customers to the right company representative, pulling up the correct customer data, and asking qualifying questions.

It will help to free up human resources, which can help your marketing team focus on tasks that are more important. These are tasks such as building lasting partnerships with customers or answering complex questions, which require human intervention.

According to recent research, it is possible to automate about 40% of all sales tasks by embracing AI. Another report by Gartner estimates that 30% of all companies will have adopted AI by 2020.

Whichever way you think about it, AI is going to have a significant impact on marketing and sales. For marketers, technology provides you with an opportunity to create the kind of experience that your target clients deserve.

Chatbots can keep track of millions of potential clients at the same time and give personalize replies to all of them. With Ai, it is now possible to replace lead capture form with real-time interactions, which will no doubt lead to higher conversions.

Take Testing to the Next Level

For some companies, tightening their belts means scaling down on marketing efforts. However, this may not be the right move. For marketers, this is the time to embrace testing. The most effective marketers out there are those that have a culture of experimentation. You should encourage A/B testing in your company at all stage of the funnel. Constant testing helps to ensure efficiency in all aspects of your marketing efforts.

It can be achieved by utilizing the marginal gains approach. It merely means using small tests to understand variants in all aspects of the web copy and their impact on performance.

Constant Change is the New Normal

Are not continually raising the bar for yourself? You can be assured that someone will come along and best you. Even tech giants are always worried about being replaced by a new innovator.

In the current world of marketing, change is the only constant. Thus, you always need to ensure that you are a moving target. Therefore, you need to invest in research and innovation seriously. The idea is to be so far ahead that the competition does not even know where you are going.

Technology will be your greatest asset in this quest for constant change. However, you also need to be fast. That does not mean you should not leave time for thought. It is thus essential to have a plan for any planned changes. Going blindly into a new direction without a plan is begging to fail. In this first changing world, even a slight misstep can see you become irrelevant as the competition zooms past you.

Understand New Markets

One of the challenges that markets are facing, especially in the US, is that they have to grow across international borders. No matter how much you think you understand global markets, always have someone to guide you. It could help you to avoid costly mistakes, which may affect how competitive you are.

Scalability is the Future

You will not need to embrace growing to meet the needs of large clients; you will also need to have the ability to scale back when the situation demands it. You need to ask yourself if your company can survive being scaled back until it can get its footing back. In short, you need to ensure that you have a plan on how to get through the tough times.

For instance, it will mean you need to avoid expensive office leases that could bankrupt you if things went haywire. That will mean embracing virtual working spaces that can let you scale back at no impact on your bottom line. For instance, you will need to look into the use of virtual cloud computing, which is entirely scalable.

Whatever the case, you need to have a plan on how you can wait out the storms of an uncertain future and proliferate when an opportunity presents itself.


As a marketer, you cannot be sure of the future, but there are strategies you can put in place to ensure that you survive it. Embrace technology today and embrace careful planning. With the few strategies above, you can weather any storms that the future might throw at you.

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