How online industry has grown in the decadeNews 

How Online Industry has Grown in the Decade

Much like its predecessors the light bulb, radio, television, telephone and personal computer, the internet is just about everywhere to include things such as laptops, handheld devices and other tools like digital cameras. And just like all these other inventions, the internet itself has a history and a game-changing potential that reaches the world over. Each one of these signs of the times brings with it a new industry and era as well as replacing an old one and its own way. It always seems, at the start, that a new invention may have a fumble or flop fate. A-trak anyone, or perhaps you prefer vinyl? But, when it’s obvious that something is going to stay, say for example the debit or credit card, it’s intriguing and a little bit educational to look back and see how far a “fad” can go. 

The Reach and Grasp of the Internet

The internet and its reach across the globe to include its apparent elevation of whole continents is possibly one of the biggest game changers yet. Of course, the socio-economic and geographically political effects and implications of such an enormous development are without end. And, it is most intriguing to see how a collective project can change the face of how people do business. The details of this phenomenon are best broken down by regions and continental divides, to truly understand the enormity of its progress. So, as far as data collection is concerned, it’s kind of and all or nothing deal. That is to say statistical information regarding 2017 won’t be released until 2018 because the year 2017 isn’t over until 2018 starts. Having said that, when looking over the growth of the internet over a decade, it’s not the years 2010 to 2020 that can be analyzed because the decade isn’t over yet. The only way to do some type of analyzation would be from projection numbers, but projections are not necessarily based on data collected. So, when seeing how far the internet has come in the past over a decade, presently, only data collected from the start of the new millennium to the year 2010 counts. 

Unbelievable Growth in Numbers

The long and short of the big picture, when it comes to internet users, is that between the years of 2000 and 2010 there is a growth of five times the numbers. That may not seem like a lot but in relative terms the 360 million internet users of the year 2000 could fit into the membership of a certain well known online social media site that rhymes with Facebook. Perhaps, the best part about this growth is that it’s not just concentrated for an elite few or the privileged of a first world nation. 

How Things Change

As a matter of fact, the top 10 economic powers in the world make 73% of the online population at the beginning of the internet boom in 2000. By the year 2010 it is only 60%. The numbers break down this way; when it comes to countries with more than 1 million internet users the number is only 38 in 2000. By 2010, the number is 93. The number of countries with 10 million internet users climbs from 8 to 32. And in a staggering development, the number of countries with 100 million internet users or more is just two. It’s no surprise that these countries are the United States and China. Intriguingly enough, China is actually past the number of internet users than the United States and currently leads the pack as far as the 2000 to 2010 statistics go. There are also other notable changes in the landscape of internet users across the globe. In the year 2000, Asia, Europe and North America are pretty much even in their sharing of the internet. Fast forward 10 years and China pulls out far ahead from the rest of the pack in their internet use. Something else that keeps the attention of the data collectors is the growth and Africa in that it is substantial and almost more than doubles other nations percent wise. Could this be indicative of the new political and economic connections are being made between the two largest continents on the face of the planet or is there some other spurious connection between this internet boom in these continents?

Retail and the Internet

But of course, there are other countries and continents that are enjoying the benefits of this technological advance. In fact, when it comes to the percent of internet users and the growth of his numbers it reaches into the thousands which is kind of mind-boggling if you stop to think about it long enough. But with all this growth and development, there has to be some type of change or pendulum in effect. And as a matter of fact there is one business that’s not so much feeling a backlash as so much learning to do a new tango with the internet. This is retail business. In some cases, it’s just ugly seeing places that have been household names such as Kmart, Sears and JCPenney just wither up and die in their last throes of resistance as they are crushed under hoof of monsters such as the unforgiving behemoth that is Amazon. 

Staying Alive

Retail stores are not completely gone the way of the dodo, as there are places such as souvenirs shops and other locations that work for Distributors that have their niche markets and networks still in production. But the simple fact is they are finding that when they cooperate with the new tools of the internet their sales actually can be boosted instead of slowly training off to little dregs of nothing. However, it is still an unfair fight for a retail business to try to compete with e-commerce. Another simple fact is that it takes less manpower, energy and effort to run a business online.

How it Works

Usually, it can take up to four times more employees to run a traditional brick and mortar outlet than one that incorporates e-commerce in its business model. The internet is a global market tool place, a business and an employer that never sleeps. Those who know how to exploit this are making extra gains. Those who don’t are unfortunately feeling a bit of a pinch.

Utilizing ecommerce to have your business online gives an edge over the competitors and helps visitors to explore various options at their ease. For an instance if a person is looking for a new tyre and want to explore its availability then he can browse from various tyre options on internet and there is a high possibility of getting your tyre sold online.

The good news is that the invitation remains open and all anyone who’s not taking advantage has to do is just get into it.

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