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How To Take Advantage Of Social Networks To Monetize Its Projects?

In the absence of material or financial means, but also because of the lack of support, many projects, even very original, never see the light of day. These unsuccessful projects concern all fields of activity and on the Web, as elsewhere, many candidates for the creation (of companies or projects) seek an effective method to overcome all the obstacles in order to realize their dream .
The rapid and steady growth of social networks has resulted in the resurgence of an effective tool: Crowd Funding or Crowdfunding. Based on the revenues that have contributed to the success of these social networks, Crowd Funding is helping to mobilize a community for the success of the project.

Crowdfunding, a method to drive all projects

Translated literally by “participative financing”, Crowdfunding consists in financing a project by Internet users. In order to avoid the strict and difficult requirements of the traditional banking system, Crowfunding implies that the project’s initiators mobilize users to become investors.
The investor (in this case an Internet user) will feel involved in the project he supports, insofar as a counterpart is always offered to him. It may be a reduction or a benefit to be worth when the project is completed, special attention (delivery of a photo, a booklet, thank you, …). The principle nevertheless remains that the investor commits himself above all on the basis of his belief in the reliability of the project.
Many platforms have been created to connect creators and potential investors, whether general platforms like Ulule or sites specializing in creative projects ( Kickstarter ) or platforms to help create of companies ( Wiseed ).
Whatever the project and the chosen platform, the creators must mobilize the community they intend to target and the social networks are then the best way to achieve it.

Let’s take a concrete example, that of 9 Days. The project was initiated by student filmmakers, who plan to make a series of 43 episodes recounting the life of their recurring hero. The project is characterized by the desire to shoot all the episodes in black and white, and the multiple ambitions of the young creators close to them the doors of a traditional financing. Also they have deposited a project of Crowdfundig on the site of Ulule and soberly denominated it: 9 Days

Social networks, an obvious way to accompany projects

Once the crowdfundig project is filed on a platform, it is necessary to generate interest and mobilize the largest possible community around the project. Research is therefore identical to that of a classic company, with the difference that instead of seducing customers it is about making itself attractive to investors. Depending on the social network involved, the same tricks used to boost sales will be used to attract the largest number of investors, whether Twitter, Linkedin or even Pinterest. We must not neglect the strategy to be put in place on social networks. To go further: here are 12 examples of social marketing strategies .
The social networks will enable the promoters to inform their community of the evolution of the project concerned. A natural emulation will push investors to mobilize the last Internet users necessary for the final success. The community of each investor will then be called upon and so on.
Communication on social networks therefore pursues two simultaneous objectives. The quest for the totality of needs then takes place at the same time as a genuine communication on the project itself. It is also through these social networks that once the project is completed, creators can keep investors informed of the life of the project. The social network is then the basis of these projects Crowdfunding.
The 9-day project promoters also createdpage Facebook , and from the beginning a daily message was used to inform the amounts collected. The emulation discussed earlier is highlighted in the many likes and other comments on the page. As the project progressed, unpublished photos and teasers of the series were posted on the group page, keeping the buzz going and finally attracting the latest investors. It is through this same support that the young directors are now keeping their benefactors informed of the progress of their project and the series is expected for the first months of 2014.

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