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Is A Postpaid Plan A Better Fit For You?

Are you considering switching from a prepaid to a postpaid plan? If you are, then Airtel has the best postpaid plans for you.

When you first bought a mobile phone, it is possible that your very first phone connection was a prepaid one. You reasoned that a prepaid connection could cost you less, since you were still getting used to the phone. The earliest postpaid plans in the country were quite expensive, especially since there were only a handful of mobile service providers. Earlier generations of mobile phone users took postpaid plans only if the same were paid for by their places of work, or if you were a businessperson.

But times have changed. Today, mobile phone technology and usage have changed by leaps and bounds. There is little distinction between prepaid and postpaid plans today. Even usage patterns have changed dramatically – not content merely to call, text or IM their contacts, users are preferring to watch movies, listen to new music, create work presentations, browse for information and even pay their bills using their smartphones. But instead of replenishing your prepaid pack every time the validity runs out, you could just switch over to one of the best postpaid plans and never have to bother with recharging the connection ever again.

The best laid (postpaid) plans

If you like to switch between a lot of apps, do all your essential reading and information gathering on your phone, watch TV shows and movies, catch sporting events, use social media and social messaging apps, make several work or personal calls and basically use your phone as an extra limb, then a postpaid connection is for you.

When you look up the best postpaid plans, be sure to research the plans by leading mobile service providers like Airtel. Airtel has some of the best postpaid plans across providers at the moment, with affordable pricing, unlimited talking and messaging, large amount of data, and many other useful features. Check out Airtel’s postpaid plans here. Switching to Airtel postpaid from Airtel prepaid is really easy. If you have a prepaid/postpaid connection with another service provider, you can initiate the porting process quite easily.

What you get with Airtel postpaid – and what makes them the best postpaid plans

Airtel postpaid offers the most affordable postpaid plans at the moment, with many excellent benefits tacked in. This is why you should buy the best postpaid plans from Airtel:

  • The best plan in the postpaid segment at the moment, is the Rs 499 plan which offers 40 GB data per month. You also get unlimited calling and an annual free Amazon Prime subscription. Besides, the plan offers the amazing benefits of free live TV and movie streaming on your smartphone.
  • Other postpaid plan options include theRs 399, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199 plans. Plus, there is a rental discount of Rs 50 to Rs 100 per month, with the added benefit of data rollover for unused data.
  • Signing up for the Airtel postpaid connection is very simple: justapply for a new connection  online and follow the instructions.
  • You get unlimited local, STD and roaming calls with Airtel postpaid. Besides, you can also download the myAirtel app to get access to other apps like Airtel Movies, Airtel Games, Wynk Music, prepaid and postpaid bill pay, etc.
  • If you choose the Airtel family plan option, you can link all Airtel family users’ bills under one plan to get up to 20% discount on monthly bills.
  • Airtel offers handset damage repair as well.

Aren’t these great reasons to switch to Airtel postpaid?

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