The 5 Strangest Gadgets Ever MetTech 

The 5 Strangest Gadgets Ever Met

The world around us is full of gadgets, always more useful according to your needs. The fierce battle between companies about what will be the next hit in the IdO universe can be a slippery terrain: the result sometimes resembles strange objects. Look for yourself!


Have you ever felt the need to pause, disconnect, enjoy the moment and relax? We had already discussed the topic of digital detox . Pause was meant to help you in this task. The company has thus promoted a gadget presented as “a simple but innovative design box, capable of blocking cellular and WiFi signals”. The concept: buy a metal box for smartphones. While there was some interest in the project, many of you were aware that it was simpler and cheaper to use the Do Not Disturb or Silent native mode of the smartphone. The project has not achieved its Indiegogo objective and has not resurfaced until now.


Are you a smoker and want to quit? We may have found the lighter you need. According to the website, it is the first smart lighter with integrated application that allows you to track, reduce and permanently stop your smoking. How does it work ? Is the lighter function simply turned off after a certain daily threshold? Does he send electroshock to get you back on track? Nothing of the sort. It simply tells you the amount of cigarettes consumed, among other statistics. It is actually the smokers’ FitBit. I am personally not convinced that the best tool to help stop smoking is the same one that will allow you to light a cigarette. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.


You always wanted to know what your dog does when you are not there? PuppyTweets will not help you . This gadget promises to send you Twitter notifications according to your dog’s comings and goings. From the interpretation of the canine gesture to the 500 pre-written tweets, there is certainly a world and you will probably find it difficult to really know what your little puppy is doing at the moment T. The device could very well tweeter “Wow, I walk in the yard”, while your little protégé gets his teeth on your slippers.

It would seem that we had to wait a little longer before our friends the beasts actually send us messages!

Denso Vacuum Cleaner Shoes

Is not that the dream of all? Strolling quietly in his apartment or his house while sucking up the dirt? Denso wanted to make this dream a reality by presenting its Ecology Shoes: shoes with vacuum integrated in the sole. The simple act of moving causes the motor, but what is the capacity of the small dust box? And would you be willing to wear such shoes? How long would it take to clean your entire apartment?

This is fortunately a mere concept that, even if it has been presented to the CSI, will probably never see the light of day.

No PhoneZero

Technically speaking, this is not a gadget, because it does not do anything. However, it was the subject of a successful Kickstarter projectand he found an audience, so why not include it here? This plastic block is designed as a “plastic rectangle that compensates for the need for interaction with a smart rectangular device”. In all honesty, although it may be fun to manipulate it for a while, it will not help you in cases where a) you really need to call someone, b) you want to know the time , c) you have something to look for, etc. It has however unique characteristics: total resistance to the fall in the toilet bowl, 0 GB storage, 0% battery life, 0 MP photos, and no screen. 0 € – that’s what I would spend on the object.

Other finalists:

  • The Heatweed electrical weed burner (you would probably go faster by weeding with tweezers)
  • Remote Control Pillow (comfortable, cute … but do not risk falling asleep!)
  • Umbrella Drone (fantastic, until you realize anything that could go wrong!)

Do you know of other completely offset gadgets? Do not hesitate to share them in the comments!

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