Every day, digital agencies and Startups sell as much the stakes of the digitalDigital Marketing 

Words Of Experts: Retail 2016: How To Make The Right Choices For A Successful Digital Revolution?

Every day, digital agencies and Startups sell as much the stakes of the digital mutation to their customers as their services and solutions! It is also the case of internal digital marketing teams who must first “evangelize” their board, their business teams … before any deployment …

This often reminds me of the allegory of the cave: you know the one that explains the foundation of philosophy … “These men who all live in the dark in the depths of a cave and have never seen the light. And there is one … a day that comes out of the cave, which sees the sun, which feels its heat, which is dazzled by its light and which, after some time, returns among its own to explain and describe to them what ‘he saw ! “.

We are all “philosophers” in search of evangelization to varying degrees depending on our activities or the degree of digital education of our interlocutors.

So when you recommend a solution or introduce a device related to a technology, it is good to keep that allegory in mind.


It has revolutionized the mobility and digital market for quite some time, it is the oldest of the new technologies. Tablets (and especially the iPad) represent the latest evolution of this technology, and business applications are now conquering these tactile mobile terminals.

The user has new behaviors vis-a-vis the digital and the tactile, smartphones and tablets especially, puts interactivity at the center of its uses, but also of the human relation. It is too often forgotten because it is obvious to everybody on a daily basis.

The example of McDonald’s with its new control screens (one is no longer in the tablet, but in the touch screen, but it is comparable in terms of customer experience) is significant. Indeed, if the command is taken on a screen in stand-alone mode, the customer will then sit down and is served at the table! In this case, digital by reversing the order taking process re-enchants somehow the customer experience and its satisfaction. Here is the secret of a successful digitization.

Everyone actually focuses on the famous order-taking screens (“Look at McDo, they put screens to take orders …”) while the revolution is at the level of the process. McDonald’s has gone from managing queues to a service instead. The customer is now served at his table …!

The truth is that the analysis must go to the level of the customer experience, because that is where the effects of the “digital revolution” are located. Whatever the choice of technology (the screens and the associated system), it could have been something else (tablets, tactile tables …). As soon as one understands that this choice is not the finality, but is only the means, one is not far from having understood everything …


A graduate of the SORBONNE and a DESS of PARIS DAUPHINE, Bertrand BREGEON began his career in the Communication Evénementielle. Founding shareholder of a STARTUP specializing in VOIP and listed on the secondary market in the 2000s, it will divest its shares 5 years later to devote itself to digital marketing and mobile as a consultant. He now runs WITHAPPS, a mobile digital agency at the heart of siliconvendée and acts as a RETAIL consultant.

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